<![CDATA[Kevin Eisenbaum <br />copywriting - Blog]]>Sun, 06 Mar 2016 11:25:52 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Traditional vs. Digital]]>Sun, 28 Apr 2013 18:26:10 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/traditional-vs-digitalLately, I’ve been deep into the interview process. The two places I’ve interviewed so far are very digital agencies. This is difficult, because in my portfolio program, the majority of the work we do is traditional. Additionally it is difficult, because I love traditional in this ever-growing digital world.

Look, digital is great, and I can’t wait to expand my writing into digital space. Doing so will add real value to my book and of course valuable experience. But damn it, I WANT TO KEEP CREATING TRADITIONAL PRINT ADS! It is a rush, and I don’t care how unbelievable that statement is. I feel like I’m straight out of the 1960’s when I’m concepting for a print ad: hard-hitting headlines, and a killer tagline.

At this point in my career, working for a digital agency is necessary and what I want to do. I just hope traditional doesn’t think I have abandoned her. I will always love her, and when the time is right, I will return to her. I just hope she will be waiting for me when I need her back in my life. I do understand though, I can’t just expect her to wait. I need to earn her love again.

Until then, here is a haiku for traditional advertising:

Oh sexy print ad,

With your headlines and tagline,

Never change. You’re perfect.

<![CDATA[A 13-minute commercial?]]>Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:40:41 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/a-13-minute-commercialYes, a 13- minute commercial, produced by the Brooklyn Brother’s and Ridley Scott’s production company for Jaguar. But who is going to sit and watch a 13-minute commercial? Me, and I was entertained the whole time.

This spot is unique in many ways. First off, it is extremely long. Long spots are a rarity, and I’m just talking about a 2-minute spot. A 13-minute spot is just absurd, but not too absurd for Jaguar. Which brings me to my next point: it’s expensive. But who cares for Jaguar. They have a crap-load of money.

The spot is simply just well made. It is like a mini episode of a hit TV drama. And best of all, they bring in hit character of a hit drama: Damian Lewis from Homeland.

What I find incredible about this short film, is that they still manage to endlessly show the car, and list off all the features without making it corny. It’s simple, Damian just has to prove who he is by listing the features at gun point.

In 13 minutes, a full story takes place with Jaguar as the protagonist. Brooklyn Brother’s and Ridley Scott’s Production company have done a brilliant job.

<![CDATA[Wieden + Kennedy and Old Spice]]>Thu, 25 Apr 2013 17:51:30 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/wieden-kennedy-and-old-spiceWieden + Kennedy copywriters are spoiled. Especially when it comes to the work on Old Spice. I envy those bastards, because Old Spice would be such an incredible brand to write for. You just have to be able to think weird, and I love thinking weird!

Wieden continues to produce amazing spots for Old Spice, which have become some of the most memorable commercials out right now. They are so memorable, that I would be embarrassed to say that they were my favorites at an interview. Everyone probably says that. That being said, I don’t mention the Old Spice commercials at interviews. But I can’t keep it in anymore… I love those commercials! I want to have an Old Spice commercial marathon. I want to learn to quote each commercial by heart. Yes I do pretend to be the “I’m on a horse” guy while in the shower. I think it’s a wonderful idea to leave inspirational notes under my armpit. But it’s because I love these commercials so much, that I grow incredibly jealous. I want to write for them! I want to be on that creative team so I can unleash the crazy writing beast inside of me.

But such accomplishments, at this point, do not seem likely. Instead I have to sit back and watch while Wieden produces commercials for the new Old Spice Bar Soap. OLD SPICE BAR SOAP! Brilliant. That is seriously about to take the world by storm, and I don’t get to be a part of it. The closest I can get to being on that account, is lathering up in the shower. Congratulations Wieden + Kennedy, I resent you.

<![CDATA[The Creative Panel]]>Wed, 24 Apr 2013 18:10:07 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/the-creative-panelYesterday I was asked to participate in a creative panel for the Intro to Creativity class.

It was supposed to be designed to help those worried sophomores who were applying to the creative program feel at ease, but it was me who got the real benefit out of it.

What was great about this panel was that I was able to verbalize my thoughts about my creative process. Saying it out loud was important for me to realize how I am approaching my creative work. Based off the questions that were asked, I was able to talk about whether or not I was enjoying myself, do I freak out when I get writer’s block, what it’s like working with a partner, etc. Though I knew the answers to these for myself, saying it out loud helped confirm that I love being a copywriter. Working with a great art director is awesome, I watch great TV when I get writer’s block, and I sure as hell do enjoy writing.

I could never see myself doing anything else anymore, because what could I possibly make money doing that I enjoy as much as this? There’s nothing. Copywriting for life, that is, until I become a creative director. But that’s a while down the road.

Thank you naïve children, for helping confirm that I’m doing what I love.

<![CDATA[Pitching to a Client]]>Tue, 23 Apr 2013 23:13:37 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/pitching-to-a-clientSo far in my short copywriting career, I’ve only pitched to two clients: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha, and the Kelly Davidson Pediatric Cancer Foundation. These two very different clients provided two very different experiences.

The Buddha’s Brew owner was the sweetest lady every. Everything we showed her, she was blown away by. She would say “wow” or “I love it” all the time. You would think we just presented her with the best campaign ever with all the praise she gave us. That was clearly not the case, since we didn’t even win the business. Instead we just got a t-shirt and a good amount of free Kombucha. Whatever, I grew to like Kombucha enough to make our waste of time worth it.

Writing for a non profit like the Kelly Davidson Foundation was a bitch, and the pitch was no easier. First of all, we planned our entire presentation to be pitched to 2 people. Two was who we originally met with, and who we assumed would be in the room that day. Instead, 7 people bombarded us. We stumbled frequently over the boring material and were just thrilled when we finished. However, it wasn’t over at this point. It was time for the grilling questions. KDF shot down a great majority of what we presented, telling us why it wouldn’t work. Luckily the members of my team who answered the questions were prepared with some good returning comments. Either way, we couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

I’m fortunate that my first two clients were polar opposites. It’s given me a better idea of what to expect when I encounter these types of clients out in the world beyond.

<![CDATA[Dove Real Beauty Sketches]]>Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:51:25 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/dove-real-beauty-sketchesOgilvy & Mather has done wonders for Dove. They have created this brand personality that has captured the attention of women everywhere: Dove celebrates real beauty.

Ogilvy’s most recent contribution to this campaign is the “Real Beauty Sketches” viral videos. These videos show women who are brought in to meet with a sketch artist. They describe the way they see themselves to this sketch artist. Later, a stranger who has met this same woman will come in and describe that woman.

What the participants in this study find, is that they are more beautiful then they perceive themselves to be. It is such a simple message, but delivered in such a powerful way. Ogilvy & Mather really has made great spots for Dove, but I believe this one has taken it to a whole new level. It is real, and it is hard-hitting.

The best part of these videos is seeing the raw emotion of these women when they see their sketch and the stranger’s sketch side by self. The difference is immense. Features on the woman’s face are way over exaggerated in her own description of herself.

Much praise must be given to Ogilvy and Mather for helping women see their true beauty.

<![CDATA[My Creative Lair]]>Sun, 31 Mar 2013 19:07:53 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/my-creative-lairFor those extremely curious, (and I know you are out there), about where the magic takes place, this is a tour of my writing Lair.

The Desk:

There is none. I can’t work at a desk, and I refuse to work at a desk. Instead, I have my couch and my coffee table. It’s perfect, because I can sit up with I am on a roll, or I can lie down when I have a block.


The inspiration:

Ah, my creative application. Third time’s a charm. When I’m lying down on my couch, I look up at you to keep in mind the challenges of getting to where I am.


The Distraction:

Darts. I’m getting pretty good. There’s also a TV and a guitar.


The Reminder:

My past work: a constant reminder that I can do this, and I have done this. I’m proud of my work and I want to keep making more.


The Fuel:

Enough said.

<![CDATA[BBDO Strikes Gold]]>Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:34:45 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/bbdo-strikes-gold“It’s not complicated” to understand why BBDO’s recent AT&T campaign is brilliant. In fact, the explanation can even be made into another commercial in their campaign:

Man: “Which is better? Big ideas or small ideas?”

Kids: “Big ones!!” [insert random child’s rambling]

BBDO’s AT&T campaign, where they ask random children to answer simple questions relating to phones, is real, hilarious, and spectacular. Best of all, the campaign is unscripted. Scripts tend to ruin TV spots and create that cheesiness factor. There is nothing cheesy about these commercials. They are entertaining every time.

What’s amazing about it is that the idea is endless. They must have an incredible amount of footage that can be edited into new commercials in the campaign. All it takes is a few simple, cleverly designed questions, and the kids will make the rest of the commercial. Kids love to talk, and kids are most creative people out there. Just let them do their thing, and you’ll have a wonderful advertising campaign. BBDO has done just that.

<![CDATA[Good Ol' Texas Advertisin']]>Thu, 07 Mar 2013 18:30:11 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/good-ol-texas-advertisinMcGarrah Jessee has the key to my heart: Shiner Beer and Whataburger, arguably the two greatest Texas accomplishments. McGarrah is the lucky agency that gets to advertise for both, and they do a pretty damn good job.

When it comes to Whataburger, the agency continuously makes sure that they stay at the top of their game. The brand is increasingly recognizable thanks to McGarrah, and of course the fact that Whataburger makes a pretty good burger. Their campaigns for Whataburger covers many different mediums, all with that Whataburger flavor. They make Whataburger THE fast food restaurant of Texas.  

But the real reason I love McGarrah’s work, is Shiner. I want to be on that account. One day, I will be on that account. My favorite campaign that they’ve done for Shiner is their urinal print ads. I believe the idea of advertising for beer at a urinal is great, “because you are making room for another.” Personally, I just feel like Shiner’s voice would be a fun one to write for.

Whataburger and Shiner are just my two favorite accounts at McGarrah Jessee, but they still have other great clients that would be blast to write for. In summary, I’ll be keeping my eye out for openings at McGarrah Jessee.

<![CDATA[My Thoughts on Super Bowl Ads]]>Wed, 20 Feb 2013 16:39:43 GMThttp://www.advertisenbaum.com/blog/my-thoughts-on-super-bowl-adsEach year, millions of dollars go into the creation of generally 30-second, and sometimes even 15-second Super Bowl TV spots. By doing so, these spots are the most watched year round. People all over the world race to their TV, not just for the game, but for the commercials. Some even are only there for the commercials. That being said, these commercials must be the best of all time, right? Surely they are the award winning, top commercials of the year? But that is just not the case.

What people are not realizing is that there are extremely well made commercials that come out during the year. These are the ones that are raising a storm in the advertising world, and they were created for at least half at the price. I find it sad that these commercials don’t get the same recognition from the nation. Instead, the people put too much faith in these Super Bowl ads, which tend to be a let down each year. They just get way too much hype.

The problem with Super Bowl commercials is that they lack creative thought. Because of the level of exposure, the go-to-ad of choice is a celebrity endorsement. A great majority of Super Bowl ads have some celebrity in it. This is the agency’s brilliant way of creating a “great” ad. But then if you look at the ads that come out during the year, there are very few celebrities. It’s just simply not in the budget. Instead, these agencies must think of CREATIVE ways to attract in audience. Who would of thought creatives would need to come up with something creative? But the one’s who have that strong creative team, are the ones that create REAL advertising gold. And those are the ones that you will find at the top of the advertising food chain.